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Crude Oil Capitol is structured to be one of the most transparent
Crude Oil portal converging hundreds of potential buyers & sellers under
one roof. We are committed to providing authentic, fast and innovative
trading solutions with all new and smart features making trading more


The Procedure to become a Registered Trader

KYC Template for Buyer/Seller

The prospective trader completes the online submission of the Buyer KYC Template or Seller KYC Template to Crude Oil Capitol.

Review Process

The compliance team will meticulously examine the provided information and may seek additional details pertaining to the company information, financial standing, trading history, and specific product requirements of the buyer or seller.

Transaction Procedures

Following this, a sourcing manager from our team will reach out directly to the buyer or seller to engage in discussions regarding purchase requirements, product availability, and transaction procedures.

Qualified Buyer / Seller

Upon meeting all satisfactory parameters, the company will be officially registered as a Qualified Buyer or Seller, subsequently receiving our routine product offers via email.

The following points bear significance:

  • Only seasoned traders are eligible to apply for qualification on this portal.
  • Application for registration must be submitted exclusively by authorized directors or senior officers of the buying/selling company.
  • Applications by unauthorized persons will not be considered.
  • Every trader associated with Crude Oil Capitol must meet our prescribed standard before gaining the ability to engage in trading activities on this portal.

Transaction Procedures

The Crude Oil Capitol Portal does not directly participate in the sale or purchase transactions between traders. Instead, it functions as a facilitator, enabling and supporting deals conducted through its Portal.

Mandatory Steps :

lt is mandatory for all clients (buyers as sellers) to submit their own set of transaction procedure while submitting their specific buy or sell offers

Example below:

  • Splitting "Shipping Charges" and asking the buyer to pay half of those charges to the shipping company prior to actual shipment or handover of shipment.
  • Asking for issuance of any Banking lnstrument prior verification of PPOP documents by the buyer.
  • The buyer for Tank Storage Receipt (TSR) or Charter Party Agreement (CAP) prior providing proof Of product, Location and valid lnspection Report.
  • Asking for any kind of payment on the pretext of government charges.
  • Providing "third-Party Fiduciary/Banking details that do not relate directly to either the buyer or the seller.

Our Mission


Our mission is to establish a reliable trading portal that would work in the best interest of buyers and suppliers.

We are focused on overcoming all B2B marketplace challenges and loopholes relentlessly, introducing trading transparency and utmost quality.

Delivering unparalleled satisfaction and profitability with guaranteed productivity is what we seek.
and prosperous energy transactions on a global scale.

• Enable smooth, transparent, and successful energy transactions on a global scale.

• Empower traders with thorough insights, in-depth analyses, and a platform that transcends boundaries.

• Rigorously vet and verify participants to maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

• Champion continuous innovation and unwavering dedication towards building a resilient, sustainable, and interconnected energy future for generations to come.



Crude Oil Capitol goes beyond a mere transaction; it serves as a testament to the highest standards of professionalism.

Fueled by relentless innovation and unwavering commitment, our objective is to be the driving force behind a resilient, sustainable, and interconnected energy future for generations to come.

Driven by continuous innovation and steadfast commitment, our goal is to emerge as the catalyst for a robust, sustainable, and interconnected energy future that spans generations.


The EN 590 had been introduced along with the European emission standards. With each of its revisions the EN 590 had been adapted to lower the sulphur content of diesel fuel - since 2007 this is called ultra low sulphur diesel as the former function of sulphur as a lubricant is absent (and needs to be replaced by additives).


Jet fuel, Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF), or Avtur is a type of fuel designed for use in aircraft powered by gas-turbine engines.


D2 is a refinery abbreviation for Gasoil. It is the second distillate from the crude oil, and can be used without reformers and additives.


Crude oil is a naturally occurring, unrefined petroleum product composed of hydrocarbon deposits and other organic materials.


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